by Black Acid / Vida Vojić


BLACK ACID is a live dark ambient noise multilayer macro micro post-archeology project from Nina Pixel. Digging deep into her own memories, uncovering the layers of forgotten pains, pointing light to the dark corners of emotional abysses, Nina is building her own archeological collection of her own world as a reflection on the world outside “us”. Nina has been exploring humans as the phenomenon, recording talks, poems, diary notes, bodies, expressions, thoughts and layering it with the “research” material collected everywhere where she goes. This is the research of the Emotional Intelligence aspect as the special superpower of humans – an object of her long term plannetary study.

VIDA VOJIĆ, Berlin-based sound artist, electronic musician, poet, performer, producer, DJ etc…
”Unconsciously, I ended up in sound to express the invisible inside. Everything interconnected, a feeling in my chest turned into a tone, grew into a new world. I aim for purity – what is suppressed underneath the intellect. It is a physical reaction to the confrontation of myself, removing the barriers between me and the reflection of me – the sound. The biggest loss is to forget to feel. I seek to get as close to feelings as possible, without the need of explanation in-between, leaving an open end to the expression. Perhaps that is when thinking becomes irrelevant, and listening becomes something that you do with your body first, and thought secondly.”