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Wednesday 7 April 2021 | 8.30pm UTC

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Corpora Aliena is pleased to present an IKLECTIK [off-site] online presentation International Stories: a celebration of digital and analogue connectivity – and features pioneering musicians – composers – sound artists – video-makers and visualists – including: Eden Grey – Bernhard Living – Pascal Savy – Hanzo Schwarz – Iveta Sedláková – and Lucie Štěpánková.


Bernhard Living
Eden Grey 
Hanzo Schwarz and Pascal Savy
Iveta Sedlakova and Lucie Stepankova (aka Avsluta)


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Bernhard Living’s Composition 2014.01 (Untitled) was produced digitally – and consists of multiple ‘sound lines’ – formed with either sinewave-based tones or distorted noise – that slowly fade in and out of the sound mix – with glacial movement across the stereo field. One of the lines consists of a Shepard Tone – which gives the illusion of the music rising in pitch. The accompanying video consists of five photographs from an apartment in Southampton – and like the sounds in the music – the images slowly cross-dissolve into each other. Both music and images are ‘things-in-themselves’ – and so make no allusion to either allegory or metaphor.

Eden Grey will present a live improvisational performance of experimental music using her modular synthesiser and the Elektron RYTM.

Since 2016, Hanzo Schwarz and Pascal Savy have been creating a rich body of audio-visual work combining sound and images at the intersection of minimalism and psychedelia, presented either live or in the context of virtual concerts. For this Corpora Aliena event, they will present ‘Signals’, a new piece themed around the speculative cosmic idea of the so-called ‘black hole era’. According to scientists, at some point in the far future, all the matter in the universe will eventually evaporate away and be carried out into the void as radiation, leaving absolutely nothing behind but electromagnetic waves and black holes. The course of this journey steers us into the unknown, but as the universe expands, we  also continue to evolve. Our thirst for exploration will help us set a path for creating new futures, a path that will always find its way, even in the deepest layers of time and space.

‘Ebb ~ Flow’ is a collaborative project between multi-media documentary practitioner Iveta Sedlakova and sound artist and performer Lucie Stepankova (aka Avsluta). They will examine tensions between feelings of separation and intimacy through the lens of the individual’s relation to their lived environments. The work will materialise as an audio-visual experience acting as a catalyst for emotional engagement with the contemplated motifs.


Artists’ Biographies

Eden Grey

Composer, performer, researcher and lecturer of experimental and electronic music. Expert in the Eurorack format of modular synthesis and the implementation of creative sound design in music. Founder, curator and organiser of CV Freqs, modular synthesis network/international artist showcase concert events.

Dr. Chelsea Bruno releases music as Eden Grey. She began researching and working with the Eurorack modular synthesiser whilst earning her Masters’ degree at Florida International University in Music Technology.

Modular synthesis was the main research focus of her PhD in Music Composition at Royal Holloway, University of London, while participating in synth meets and performing in the UK and Europe and organising the CV FREQS London synth meet and concert events.







Bernhard Living

Bernhard Living is a composer, curator and former multi-instrumentalist. He studied composition under the South African-born composer professor Stanley Glasser at Goldsmiths College, University of London, and philosophy under professors Jonathan Reé and Peter Dews at Middlesex University, London.

Bernhard Living’s digitally-based compositions have taken minimalistic compositional techniques to what he considers to be their logical conclusion, with his music being characterised by sparse textures, long periods of silence, maximal repetition and minimal variation.





Pascal Savy

Pascal Savy is a French electronic music composer and performer based in London, UK. His work lies at the intersection of drone, noise and ambient and has been released on labels such as Audiobulb, Experimedia and AUDIO. VISUALS.ATMOSPHERE.




Iveta Sedlakova

Iveta Sedlakova is a Czech-born, London-based multi-media documentary practitioner. Her practise explores the intersection of spiritual and socio-political inquiry with the emphasis on emotions, intimacy and interconnectedness.

Inspired by lived experiences and informed by continuous research on mental health, she delves into questions around collective identity and social connection in the context of physical, psychological and spiritual displacement. Her creative endeavour features predominantly people and their close environment, actively looking for metaphors and echoes in both nature and urban environment.

Using visual language as an invitation for a moral imagination, she incorporates  elements from the world of dreams and moments of daily life, colliding between abstraction and reality, while allowing  viewers to come to a point where these elements are equalised and merged into one.


Hanzo Schwarz

Hanzo Schwarz is a German visual artist and multidisciplinary designer based in London. Since 2011, he has been the founder and creative director of ‘Init Studio’. Projects span across various disciplines, from graphic design, coding, animations and motion graphics. His main focus is now on audiovisual designs, combining real-time content and light installations.

His creative process explores the connection between sound and visuals, through motion sensor technology. The results are a combination of mesmerising shapes and forms generated in real-time, with the aim to immerse the viewer in a controlled chaos of organic nature. His work can be experienced within music and art events, club nights and festivals, in the form of live performances or site-specific installations.

Over the years, Hanzo has had the opportunity to collaborate with many electronic music artists such as Tom Middleton (Global Communication), Wolfgang Voigt (Kompakt Records), Max Cooper, White Noise, LF58 and Jane Fitz.




Lucie Stepankova (aka Avsluta)

Lucie Stepankova (aka Avsluta) is an electro-acoustic composer and performer, free-improviser and lecturer of improvisation and performative practices at London College of Communication.

She runs Introspective Electronics – a collective platform for adventurous music featuring regular radio shows, podcasts, and event series.

Inquiry about our being in, experiencing and interacting with the world through the lens of deep ecology and collective experiences, intimacy and spirituality are at the core of her practice.

Lucie works with objects, organic materials, field recordings, synthesis and digital processing to create sense-of-place compositions challenging frontiers between actualities and potentialities. The general aim of her practice is to encourage audiences to engage in listening as an active-creative practice, to reconnect with and embody emotions, and to inquire into possible approaches towards solidarity as understood within the framework of deep ecology.