by Tony James Morton

Grainyl  is a new body of improvised electronic music by sound artist Tony James Morton. Each piece is entirely constructed, in real-time, with samples taken directly from vinyl records. Inspired by techniques that were instrumental in the development of hip-hop music, the work combines prerecorded samples from existing compositions to create an altogether new piece of music. However, Grainyl pushes the boundaries of sampled based music into new territory, exploring modern digital techniques and methods.


The work is centred around a custom-built sampling instrument, entirely created with Max/MSP. This instrument uses granular synthesis to create new textures from the recorded source, allowing for new sonic exploration. Performed live, the project manifests itself as a conceptual “DJ set.” Records are chosen, exactly how a DJ would, but instead of being played in traditional form the resulting audio becomes a reinterpretation of the original recordings.