IKLECTIK [off-site] presents:


A commissioned audio-visual art project led by sound artist Christian Duka and video artist Marco Maldarella.

22 September – 22 October


Since 2017, the series HOLISTIC has explored the symbolic and interpretive use of sound and image with the aim of investigating concepts relevant to the human condition, today. The aim of the series is to read between the lines of what is grasped by rational thinking by exploring the nexus between sound and image in an improvisational and symbolic manner.

HOLISTIC 4.0 – MISCOMMUNICATIONS, the fourth instalment, explores the nature of modern-day communications, a particularly relevant issue considering the Covid-19 lockdown and the changes (or exacerbation) it brought to the way in which people interact with one another.

Exploring the “Echo Chamber” effect, the confirmation bias and the performative nature of social media posting, the consequences of cutting body-language & non-verbal communication out of the equation, the difference between interactions made 1-to-1, in intimate groups, in wide online community, between family/friends, with strangers and with people holding opposite ideas/beliefs around a subject, MISCOMMUNICATIONS asks important questions: how is it, really, that we communicate? How does the medium we use to talk affect the quality of our interactions? Can we ever be sure that what we say to others is understood the way we think it is?

As part of the project the artists have recorded Zoom calls organised with participants around the globe to discuss topics of various kinds – the recordings have been used alongside found audio/visual media as raw material for the making of the piece. The piece will remain available on [LIMINAL SPACE] for further viewing until the 22nd of October.



Christian Duka is a sound artist/designer, lecturer, curator and researcher working primarily in immersive settings, focusing on audience involvement and participation. Marco Maldarella is a musician, graphic designer and video artist. Christian Duka and Marco Maldarella have worked together for more than 8 years; from their juvenile experience in a metal band, they have grown together as artists through the experimental/techno music project “MARMO” and other artistic collaborations such as “Holistic” and “UR: Human Presence”.


Christian Duka’s website: christianduka.com

Marco Maldarella’s website: marcomaldarella.com



Project supported by Arts Council England