Immersive Sound R&D – Opening Showcase



£7 Live experience | Free online

Tickets for immersive live experience (very limited places):

In this online + intimate, socially distanced event (20 seats), AMOENUS will showcase its newly built 3D sound system and present four short research and development projects taking place behind close doors in the weeks that follow.

Curated by Christian Duka (6:30pm)

We invite you to experience an original composition sculpted in three dimensions using AUDITIF immersive audio technology on 17 custom-built speakers positioned in a spherical array.

TALKS – R&D PRESENTATIONS (7:30pm – 9:30pm)

  • Avsluta
    ● Open Call Selected Applicant (TBC)
    ● Pell Ensemble
    ● SubPac x Deaf Rave x AMOENUS

The event will be live-streamed online in its entirety via facebook & youtube live – the listening experience will be streamed in binaural.

The spatial audio presentation should be listened on headphones to be enjoyed fully

Online audiences will be able to ask questions & interact with the artists.

The streamed talks will be open-captioned in real time.


The talks:

◗ Avsluta (Sound Art)

Electroacoustic music improviser and performer Avsluta (Lucie Štěpánkova) will explore 3D sound in the context her compositional & performative process following theoretical research on ecosystems, life-cycles & rhythms and inter/cross-species communication.

◗ Pell Ensemble (Digital Dance)

Choreographer Rebecca Evans will collaborate with dancer Antony Daly Luna to research the use of wearable motion sensing technology in the context of 3D sound. This allows to ‘choreograph with sound’, sound becoming a second dancer in the space. This research is tied to the work-in-progress digital dance piece “800 Lifetimes”

◗ Open Call Selected Applicant

The call for applications for one of the researches is now closed. The chosen applicant will be announced soon.

◗ SUBPAC x Troi Lee x AMOENUS (Sonic Embodiment)

Steve Snooks (Subpac), Chistian Duka & Edward Griffiths (AMOENUS) and Troi Lee (Deaf Rave) will form a special collaboration to research haptic technologies and bass frequencies in the context of hearing impariment. The goal of the research is to learn more about how deaf people can enjoy sound making.


There will be strict health & safety measures in place to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

  • There will be hand sanitizers available at the venue.
    • The event is seated and socially distanced. All seats are 1.5m apart and will be so for the duration of the event.
    • Attendees are asked to remain seated for the duration of the event.
    • Body temperature will be measured upon entry. A value higher than 38° means no admission to the venue.
    • Face masks must be worn at all times inside of the venue; please notify us if you are exempt from wearing it.
    • The listening experience is not suitable for people affected by meniere conditions or otherwise particularly sensitive to sounds.

› About the project

Next month, AMOENUS will host four research project involving 3D sound, sound & movement interaction and embodied sound perception @IKLECTIK. The participants will be given time and support to develop their research on a bespoke 13.4 immersive sound system and share their results in a public showcase in December.


Amoenus is a non-profit art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates, and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound (

The organisation supports the development of artforms that blur the boundaries between artists and audiences, where the space used for artistic expression coincides with the space used to witness it.

Amoenus wishes to introduce a change in the way in which art is consumed today: departing from the traditional one-sided mode of artistic consumption, it welcomes its audience in the middle of creative expression.

The project is supported by Arts Council & The National Lottery