Berlin-based producer Misantrop speaks about their new album Reproaching the Absurd.

ISSUE 448 – June 2021

ISSUE 77 – MAY 2021

Art Exploration into Science and Technology

ISSUE 67 – AUTUMN 2020

Essays on sounds, architectures and urban environments.

Exploring imaginative responses to science and technology.

Why do people choose to believe things they know are untrue?

Steve Goodman, Toby Heys, Eleni Ikoniadou (Editors)

Jaques Attali
Ed. University of Minnesota Press

An insights into the dynamic field of sound as art.

A precise and informed theorisation of what improvisation is.

A collection of articles range in variety from analytical to philosophical to mystical.

Adventurous night music for the sleepless. A live session from experimental musician Pascal Savy and music from Mira Calix, Eleh and Jodi Cave.

The duo draws its influence from historical, cultural & ideological sources.

An in depth reflection about the industrial art collective.

Kurt Dahlke, the influential electronic musician, speaks to IKLECTIK.

Donna J. Haraway offers provocative new ways on environmental behaviour.

Brandon LaBelle
Ed. Bloomsbury Academy

An exploration of new experimental music and sound art.

Forrest and Dunning are against using laptops in their performances. Why?

A “sonorous archipelago” mapped out by a variety of modes of hearing.

ISSUE 2.07 – SPRING 2020

Andreas Broeckmann
Ed. The MIT Press

Edited by Thomas Gardner & Salomé Voegelin – Ed. ZERO books

Automat’s guitarist speaks about dub, voice’ politics and neoliberalism.

William Gibson, the author who took science fiction into cyberspace.

The British singer performs regularly with The Halle, Tokyo Phill and BBCSO.

An insight into the new album of the London-based performer.

Kirchmayr speaks about the founding of female:pressure.

Now relocated to the UK to establish itself as a human rights organisation.

The Beijing artist focuses on the use of feedback, gesture, field recording.

Pascal Savy talks to Yann Novak on VOIXXE, IKLECTIK’s radio show.

London-based director/visual artist and one half of ‘Adrena Adrena’.