SATURDAY 11 JULY 2020 – 8pm

Kyiv Experimental Night

IKLECTIK [off-site] and Womens Sound present,

Kyiv Experimental Night
Exploring the edges of techno, IDM, dark ambient, and lo-fi electronics.

Saturday 11 July – 8pm (UK Time)
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Burning Woman

Crocus sings magical poetry about a beautiful and sad world. She is a Kyiv-based musician who loves simple analog sounds. Looking at high mountains and wandering green gardens, she seeks to find the place where black and gold unite.

Burning Woman is a Kyiv-based DJ and producer with a taste for avant-garde music, experimental electronics, noise, dark ambient, drone, and techno. She draws inspiration from various sources and constantly develops her sound, using different digital audio processing and synthesis methods and field recordings. That’s how she expresses her individual experience of interaction with the world and her perception of it through music.

Sirakusy is an electronic music project of the Ukrainian composer and artist Daria Veshtak since 2016. Daria was born in Kharkiv, where she’s got a music and art education. In her electronic project, she combines melodicity with aggressive IDM dance rhythms. A characteristic feature of the sound of Sirakusy is the unpredictable transitions into conflicting states, in which she finds harmony.

NFNR is a musician, theatrical composer, and curator of the Ukrainian educational and experimental platform for women – Womens Sound. NFNR enjoys creating multi-layered sound constructions and textures, rich with timbres, and working with frequencies. Constructing the sound from these micro specifications and modulations with modular VST, she combines them with another passion – industrial field-recordings. She enjoys performing live and working with space.

Womens Sound (Ukraine) – is an open cultural-educational platform for women musicians, started in Ukraine winter 2019, when strongly felt the need to change gender balance in line-ups. To create field of visibility for female musicians Womens Sound permanently organises Electric Fur parties where represents electronic artists of different genres and different artistic levels, giving possibility to practice while performing working with space, sound and audience; platform gives work-shops and lectures in regions, especially on Eastern border, helping there to solve cultural stagnation caused by war, creates pod-casts and interviews with the artists and represents Ukrainian musicians abroad. Platform aims to create conditions for independent learning with sound and experiment, training for sound art professionals, to form safe and supportive communities and to empower women in modern electronic music and electronic scene, both Ukrainian and global, it’s one of the Institute of Sound departments.

Founder, artist and musician – Sasha Dolgiy
Curator, electronic musician, composer, sound artis – Olesia Onykiienko