Performing w/ a virtual agent: machine learning for live coding

Online workshop: Performing with a virtual agent: machine learning for live coding

Mon 7 December – 19:00-21:00 (GMT)
Wed 9 December – 19:00-21:00 (GMT)
Fri 11 December – 19:00-21:00 (GMT)

This workshop is free, but pre-registration is required.

REGISTRATION to the Workshop is Open!!
All participants are welcome to register to the workshop completing the online registration at the following link:

In this hands-on online workshop, you will explore MIRLC, an easy live coding environment built in SuperCollider to query sounds from, and will be introduced to how machine learning can be useful to improve the live coding experience. The workshop is designed to accommodate both beginners and experts in programming using a team-based learning approach.

Number of Participants #
The number of participants is limited to 20 participants for each workshop. Please fill in the online registration form to book your place.

Prior to the workshop #
Instructions will be sent to the workshop attendees prior to the start of the workshop with setup instructions in the form of a text or video (mainly installing SuperCollider, Freesound quark, MIRLC and FluCoMa tools). An invitation to the Zoom meeting will be also sent. The participants will be working in teams (via Zoom Breakout rooms).

Schedule #
Day 1 (2h): An introdution to MIRLC: an easy live coding language to query sounds from
Day 2 (2h): An introduction to machine learning in live coding and task 1: Train an agent to assist meaningful querying to
Day 3 (2h): A follow-up to machine learning in live coding and invent your own problem for machine learning (IKLECTIK)

Requirements #
A previous experience with SuperCollider will be helpful but beginners are also welcomed to apply.
Each participant will need a laptop and internet connection to follow the online workshop sessions.
Workshop attendees will receive instructions to install: SuperCollider, Freesound quark, MIRLC and FluCoMa tools.

Language #
This workshop will be in English.

Contact #
Anna Xambó:

Website #

The same workshop will be delivered online in collaboration with 3 different organisations: IKLECTIK (London), L’Ull Cec (Barcelona) and Leicester Hackspace (Leicester). Due to the pandemic, we have adapted the workshop to online delivery and welcome not only local participants but also international participants.

Future workshop dates:
January 2021 (11/12/13) – hosted online by L’Ull Cec (Barcelona)
January 2021 (25/27/29) – hosted online by Leicester Hackspace (Leicester)