Phil Maguire

Phil Maguire is an artist from Scotland working with sound. Utilising computers, synthesisers, and tape equipment, Maguire produces music and sound works that explore emptiness and malfunction, of self and of machine.

Works by Maguire are released on various independent labels. He also collaborates in projects with musicians including Anne La Berge, James L. Malone, Mark Lyken and Eleanor Cully.

Maguire runs verz, a tape label and concert series.

verz is a multimedia project that curates and supports quiet music and art, founded in 2016 by Phil Maguire. At present, the project consists of a netlabel (verz imprint) and concert series held at Hundred Years Gallery (London) (verznights). verx X… events are collaborations with other labels, held in cities outside London.

verz imprint releases albums of quiet electronics, contemporary composition, and improvisation, and verzcast featured interviews with composers, performers, and writers. verzcast was broadcast the first Sunday of each month, between May and December 2017, on ResonanceEXTRA.

Verzcast archive

Verznights playlist (inc. verznights #002 at iklectik)



Instagram/Twitter: @philmaguire_



Two Cities – improvised electroacoustic music with Anne La Berge (US/NL):

mode – ultra-minimal music for Doepfer and Serge synthesisers:

wilt – synthesis loops processed through cassette recorders:



Video works from 2013-4



Cycling ’74 Artist Spotlight, 2017

We Are Happened radio show, interview by Lucia H Chung, 2018