REBUS is a digital compositional tool and interactive system with extensive potential applications. It has been conceived and designed by Eleonora Oreggia (xname) during a PhD in Media & Arts Technology at Queen Mary University of London, under the supervision of Clive Parini, Professor of Antenna Engineering.

REBUS radically innovates the 100 years old Theremin technique, generating an electromagnetic field that forms an immaterial interface which can be manipulated by the hands and the human body. Previously demonstrated during a keynote speech at the Nordic Sound and Music Computing conference in Stockholm, and as the subject of an artist presentation at Art Futura in London, REBUS is the first research project to be featured by [IN-SIGHT], IKLECTIK’s new online residency project. Future displays include NIME 2020 and Ableton Loop in Berlin in 2021.

During the online residency at IKLECTIK [off-site] the instrument’s creator will research and design interactive binaural soundscapes and expressive lights. Activities will include a new video demo and a performance night curated in collaboration with Nebularosa Records. This translocal event will be streamed from London on 20 June 2020.

In support of these activities, REBUS has been awarded the IAA Flexible Innovation Starter Fund from Queen Mary University of London and UK Research and Innovation. This grant supports the excellent academic research impact that happens as a result of EPSRC research funding.

REBUS has been developed in collaboration with Antennas & Electromagnetics Group and Centre for Digital Music, thanks to the generous support of Queen Mary University of London and the EPSRC.

Demo 1

Demo 2, for NIME 2020