Similar Sounds: A Virtual Agent in Live Coding

IKLECTIK [off-site] presents,

Similar Sounds: A Virtual Agent in Live Coding
Two performances and a Q&A panel

Saturday 12 December 2020 | 2pm

IKLECTIK YouTube Channel:


After the 2 performances the event will continue with a Q&A panel with the musicians, moderated by Sam Roig (L’Ull Cec). The audience is invited to ask questions on the YouTube Live Chat.


Gerard Roma is a musician and music technology researcher from Barcelona. He performs and releases electronic music under different aliases. His music often involves sound databases, processed field recordings and general audio mangling, either via live coding or visual exploration. His work has been presented in Spain, UK, USA, Ireland, Norway and Germany.

Anna Xambó is a Senior Lecturer in Music and Audio Technology at De Montfort University and an experimental electronic music producer. Her research and practice focus on new interfaces for music performance looking at live coding, collaborative and participatory music systems, and multichannel spatialisation. Her solo and group performances have been presented internationally in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA. To date, she has released three solo recordings: “init” (2010, Carpal Tunnel), “On the Go” (2013, Carpal Tunnel) and “H2RI” (2018, pan y rosas).


In partnership with: L’Ull Cec, Phonos Barcelona, Leicester Hackspace, De Montfort University – (MTI^2)

In collaboration with: TOPLAP Barcelona, FluCoMa, Freesound

A project funded by the EPSRC HDI Network Plus Grant – Art, Music, and Culture theme.