by Avsluta


Our longtime friend and collaborator comes forward with her anticipated EP ‘Skinned Landscape’. A whirlwind of emotional sequences, long organic drones and field recordings is designed to transport you into an inner landscape, a field of immersive (un)reality. Along with remixes from Nachtdigital’s Steffen Bennemann, Polygon’s and XYZ project’s Nathan Solo and XYZ project’s Oliver Torr and St. Jakob.

“Making these tracks has been a real tour-de-force of emotions, an improvisation on sonorizing feelings. It was an intuitive process in which i connected with the instruments like i would connect with a person, a friend. it feels like there was no latency between what i felt and how i transformed it into the gestures that made those sounds. The field recordings i used were a big part of the process too, organically intervening into those purely synthetic sounds and keeping the connection with reality almost tactile. I really enjoyed this freedom and indeterminacy, the journey where the aim was not to arrive somewhere but to keep exploring.” – Avsluta


Avsluta is an intimate, emotionally immersive project of London based musician, free improviser and sound artist Lucie Stepankova. In her electro-acoustic compositions and live performances, Lucie works towards creating a ‘phantom field’, a field of deep sensibility to inward experiences of emotions, altered states and dreams. These works involve synthetic sound structures co-existing with organic and non-structural detail and texture within field recordings and freely improvised acoustic experiments. Her DJ sets are focused around similar intentions, combining an eclectic variety of genres with attention to the emotive, sensual and psychological impact and harvesting profound absorption in the sonic journey through deep listening and movement.

Artwork by none other than Matěj Moravec

St. Jakob remix mixed by Oliver Torr

Mastered by Sofus Forsberg and Oliver Torr