IKLECTIK [off-site] presents,

With Nicola Woodham – Cerpintxt – senter-your-name – Alice Karveli – Jenny Pickett – Alexandra Cardenas

Thursday 20 May 2021 | 8pm

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Sonic Electronics proposes an anti-techno-capitalist approach to music genres like ambient, drone, techno, experimental, electronics, acousmatic, live coding, noise, vaporwave, glitch, industrial, post-punk, new wave.

Sonic Electronics proposes an inclusive event to the LGBT community, female artists, no discrimination on gender, race, MH, disability.



Nicola Woodham 
Buffer is an EP and live-work by Nicola Woodham. She performs wearing a garment embedded with a soft-circuit made with e-textile threads and materials. Felted conductive balls that Woodham calls ePoms – are played alongside vocal free-improvisation. Buffer is a salve to trauma, a neutralization and softening. https://nicolawoodham.com

Cerpintxt is an electroacoustic post-ape progress report from the cosmic madhouse, through the medium of voice, auto-destruction, wind-guided, meekly ritualistic, discordant experiments in protoconversation. Her work is concerned with generating an invented language of a particular strain of softness through phonetic entropyhttps://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/Eqj7SHCprZEXXYXn6

senter-your-name > txtxtxtxting > managing our data becomes some sort of species of autobiography > asmr-paranoid > softness > time within time > loop > temporal arrangements of language over a period of time > one of the contours of reading is non reading > a message is always at risk of being lost to the abyss >>> senter-your-name is an online alias of web-based artist and poet Sandra Golubjevaite (LT/NL)

Alice Karveli is an interdisciplinary artist focusing on transformative performance, live and on film with sculptural elements, hypnotic soundscapes, and a visceral kinaesthetic approach. Using the intuitive voice, poetry, light, sonic props and installations she approaches performances as rituals to facilitate esoteric work.

Jenny Pickett

Alexandra Cardenas
Alexandra’s work focuses on the algorithmic behavior of music and the exploration of musicality within code. She is a core member of the international live coding and algorave community and performs worldwide using the live coding platforms SuperCollider and TidalCycles. Alexandra studied composition at the Los Andes University in Bogota, Colombia, and later completed a Sound Studies and Sonic Arts Master’s Degree at Universität der Künste, Berlin, where she lives since 2013. https://alexandracardenas.com/