Sonic Urbanism

Edited by &beyond for Theatrum Mundi (2019)

Authors: Sara Adhitya, Nathan Belval, John Bingham-Hall, Caroline Claus, Burak Pak, Alexandra Lacroix, Marta Gentilucci, Frédéric Mathevet, Sharon Phelan, Richard Sennett, Justinien Tribillon


Attention is turning more and more to the way cities sound, from experimental music and acoustic engineering to urban anthropology. But can urbanism really be done sonically? Who decides what is wanted and unwanted noise? What can the crafts of music and sonic art teach us about how acoustics structure social life?

Sonic Urbanism is a collection of essays on sonic communities, urban composition, acoustic architectures, phonographic methods, and public performance projects.

The publication is free to download here and print copies are available to purchase for £5 here.


Theatrum Mundi is an independent research centre operating from both London and Paris, which aims to expand the crafts of city-making through collaboration between artists and urbanists. We lead research and creative projects that stimulate new thinking about the way urban design shapes the public lives of cities. Sonic Urbanism is one of a number of diverse projects currently underway, each of which takes multiple forms including workshops, commissions, exhibitions, research, talks, performances, and publications.

Founded in Berlin in 2016, &beyond is a transdisciplinary publishing collective of editors, writers and graphic designers. The collective members working on Sonic Urbanism were: Diana Portela (graphic design), George Kafka, Sophie Lovell, Fiona Shipwright and Rob Wilson (editorial).