All proceeds going to support:
Iklectik Art Lab London, which is a non-profit creative space dedicated to support experimental contemporary art & music, while they remain closed due to covid-19.

The Anthropophonic recordings; they are two experiments of space-time recording in real time. The key to access is the kosmos, and its infinite (imaginary) harmonic tissues and slow bioacoustic phenomena. Soundscapes obtained through the use of contact microphones and frequency modulation devices. Synchronized signals and electroacoustic impulses, which generated maelstroms of white noise.

All Tracks recorded and performed by COAGULANT.
The Projection recorded and performed at NCN std in 1998.
Remote Viewers recorded and performed at Probe RSR in 2000.
Sound Edits and Mastering at P.S.R. Lab. London, March 2020.

Art work by Spectral/23

released March 20, 2020