Tomas Nordmark / Pascal Savy – Live broadcast


To fully experience this live streaming, please use your headphones to capture all the details and other aural delicacies that would be otherwise inaudible via laptop or smartphone speakers.

Tomas Nordmark
Tomas Nordmark is a London-based Swedish composer and artist of experimental electronic music and video art. In 2019 he released his album ‘Eternal Words’ and was described by The New York Times as “a meditative, nearly ambient foundation: sustained, consonant tones like distant horns. But the foreground is jittery, full of unpredictable, glassy tones that briefly hover, then disappear.”
Nordmark’s IKLECTIK [offsite] performance will feature compositions from ‘Eternal Words’, filmed in his home in Gipsy Hill, South London where he currently works on a new album project.

Pascal Savy
Pascal Savy is a French electronic music composer and performer based in London. His work lies at the intersection of drone, noise and ambient and has been released on labels such as Experimedia and AUDIO. VISUALS. ATMOSPHERE. He has performed at Iklectik on numerous occasions since 2016, either playing solo or collaborating with electronic musician Steven McInerney (UK), visual artist Hanzo Schwarz (UK) or Butoh dancer Mushimaru Fujieda (JP) and vocalist/pianist Aya Ogawa (JP).
For his ‘IKLECTIK [offsite]’ live performance, he will play an improvised electronic piece in reaction to a film projected in his studio space. To echo the eerie aesthetics of the images, he’ll use feedback, ring modulation and sinewaves as well as old reels of tape recycled from previous projects and recontextualised in the time and space of the performance.