Unlocking Noises


bkeepr1 aka Bioni Samp
Nnja Riot
Sz. Berlin
DJ SET by bkeepr1 TILL LATE!

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Multi-Functional Noise Enterprise Program Cementimental supplies the total 2 track/truck of the tornado condition which is separated. Harsh noise / circuit bending / rough music / fumey practices, since 2000AD. Some characteristics of a complete beachcomber are a assertive shape, a assertive amplitude, and a assertive frequency. A baloney pedal will alter some or all of these characteristics by cyberbanking abetment to accomplish the adapted adulterated tone. Reflective scales fall away in great swathes, to expose the bare concrete beneath. The large end cup is a form that you can watch the game of the great End Master in their own home.
Cementimental is also one half of Isn’tses, along with Nnja Riot

bkeepr1 aka Bioni Samp – artist, musician, inventor, beekeeper
bkeepr1 is a new alias for Bioni Samp streaming from home in the CV age. Expect the full might of his reconnected home studio and ‘Hive Synthesiser’ accompanied by experimental videos. A new performance a ‘Journey to the Centre of the Beehive’ followed later by a Kraftwerk inspired DJ set as a tribute to Florian Schneider RIP. “Kraftwerk inspired me to buy my first synth a SH101 in the 80s. And now I also own 4 Pocket Operators… I saw Kraftwerk 3 times… they were amazing live…” – says Bioni.

Nnja Riot
Multi-instrumentalist experimental electronics using DIY fx, drum synths, light toys and kinetic devices. A play with voices and identity, with costume and ritual. A shape shifting exploration into the possibilities of instruments, electronics, collected sounds and the human voice.
Building her own electronics she believes is a sort of alchemy where raw materials are assembled and housed in jars or boxes. With a background in song-writing Nnja Riot improvises live in an attempt to capture the essence of the first moments of composing a piece of music, each performance is unique as she shifts between using violin noise, guitar noise or rave noise depending on the context.
Nnja Riot is also one half of Isn’tses, along with Cementimental.

Sz. Berlin ‘Towards Another Concrete Dys(u)topia’
This will be a revised repetition of a performance given at IKLECTIK in January 2019, exploring the sonic and symbolic properties of concrete in London and beyond. Using field recordings, archive material, augmented live electronics and processing, it will provide a soundtrack to the ambivalent and even terrifying status of concrete and Brutalism in the public imagination.