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‘The Promise of Meat’ by Anat Ben-David

To celebrate the launch of Anat Ben-David’s visceral and orphic new album, Anat is joined in conversation by the poet Richard Scott to discuss improvisation, collaboration, opera and music as a key to entering one’s own unconscious reality.

The Promise of Meat Album by Anat Ben-David
Collaborating with Anna Dennis and Richard Scott
Trumpet: Daniel Walton
Violin: Angharad Davies

Inspired by texts:
Death of Orpheus by Gottfried Benn, translated by Michael Hofmann
Les Guérillères/ Monique Wittig (Translated from the French by David Le Vay)
Lord Of The Flies by William Golding.

You can now pre-order the album here: https://anatben-david.bandcamp.com/album/the-promise-of-meat

Naked Axes 

Naked Axes: Anat Ben-David/ Richard Scott
Inspired by Death of Orpheus by Gottfried Benn/ translated by Michael Hofmann

Video featuring: Anat Ben-David, Richard Scott
Cinematographer: Lily Grimes

Promise Of Meat

The Promise Of Meat: Anat Ben-David /Anna Dennis
Trumpet: Daniel Walton
Inspired by Lord Of The Flies by William Golding

Videos featuring: Anat Ben-David, Anna Dennis
Cinematographer: Lily Grimes

Cherish the Birds

Cherish the Birds by Anat Ben-David

Violin: Angharad Davies

Text and inspiration Les Guérillères/ Monique Wittig
Translated from the French by David Le Vay.

Videos: Anat Ben-David
Cinematographer: Lily Grimes

Anat Ben-David

Dr Anat Ben-David practice stretches from music-composition, performance, video installation and automatic writing and pioneered her multichannel video-work in the early 1990’s at the School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem Israel. In 2017 Anat has written, composed, performed and directed Kairos OperaArt with designer Zowie Broach (Boudicca) at the Victoria and Albert museum, and since delved further into the conjunction between classical-music forms and electronic and digital synthesis, collaborating on the last and current albums: Tzipora and The Promise Of Meat, with opera singer Anna Dennis and Poet and countertenor Richard Scott. As a lecturer, Anat is leading performance-improvisation at various universities across the UK and abroad, she is also an associate lecturer at the RCA and Central Saint Martins (London, UK) In the past year she has been leading Telematic-Improvisation workshops, as well as collaborating with AWNJS and Corona Improv (Ars Electronica 2020) she is a collaborative member of Chicks On Speed art-band since early 2000.

In her PhD: Oscillation and Disturbance in the OpeRaArt, she claims that Interdisciplinary work is work that arrives out of interactions of systems- such as language and sound, and that meaning arrives out of that interaction.

‘Dr Anat Ben-David’s latest release, Tzipora messes with the semantics of the word ‘album’, reconfiguring the word to take on a truly interdisciplinary meaning. This move is very much reflective of her own broader practice, which stretches from stationary audio, to video installation, to automatic writing, to chancing with human emotion, all at once. Ben-David has got all camps covered. It’s not surprising that she has worked with the likes of Peaches, and as part of Chicks on Speed, the feminist music-cum-fine art manifestation. It seems that second nature, to Anat Ben-David, sounds like Gilles Deleuze in a Pam Hogg jumpsuit. The Quietus (by Ronnie Angel Pope, 2019)


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