VOIXXE – IKLECTIK’s radio show on ResonanceFM

For this episode, we have prepared a selection of works by some the musicians involved in the Klangzeit festival 2020, a 4 day festival dedicated to improvised music and sound art, curated in collaboration with Klanghaus Untergreith. In chronological order you will listen to: Rahel Kraft, Samo Kutin, Peta Klotzberg and Carmen Rosenkranz, Me Claudius, Tracy Lisk, Zahra Mani, Signe Emmeluth & Karl Bjorå, Viv Corringham, Mia Zabelka, Yoni Silver, and Arun Natarajan.

Natarajan plays alongside maestro Toshinoro Kondo who recently passed away and to whom we would like to dedicate this episode.


Rahel Kraft – No Boarders

Samo Kutin – Platno – from ‘Plovilo’

Y/Liquid (Peta Klotzberg and Carmen Rosenkranz) – EinFangen

Me, Claudius –  Lifestyle 2 – from ‘Good Diz, Bad Bird’

Tracy Lisk – Superette (asphalt)

Medusa’s Bed (Zahra Mani, Lydia Lunch, Mia Zabelka) – Medusa on Air (preview instrumental)

Emmeluth’s Amoeba (Signe Emmeluth, Karl Bjorå, Ole Mofjell, Christian Balvi) – Chimaera

ViV Corringham – Until I Learn the Language of Vegetable Mineral

Mia Zabelka – For Pauline Oliveros

Yoni Silver & Steve Noble – Bound – from ‘Lost’

Toshinori Kondo & IMA – Cosmic Nature (bonus track) – from ‘KAZA’
Toshinori Kondo (Electric Trumpet & Programming)
Arun Natajaran (Electric Bass : Ambiance, Field Recordings)
Taizo Sakai (Electric Guitar)
HAL-Oh Togashi (Keyboards)
Hideo Yamaki (Roland V-Drums)
Kakuei (Electric Percussion)