VOIXXE – IKLECTIK’s radio show on ResonanceFM

Today’s music selection has been curated by our guest Phil Maguire, musician, composer and founder of the concert series and record label Verz.

Maguire also converses about his recent audio-visual work SITE V in partnership with the American composer, flutist and sound artist Anne La Berge.


Ryoko Akama – Dear Martin

Aonghus McEvoy – bottle notes & other detritus

Matthijs Kouw – Rondom hem donker, waarin hij neerzat

Seth Cooke – STANK

Maguire/La Berge – Yoker

Bruno Duplant – paysage no. 2

Mark Lyken – Namwon Broadcasts Side B

Maguire/La Berge – viitasaari

Maguire/La Berge – Site V

Photo credit: Riccardo Banfi, Hand, (Riot), 2017, inject print, colour, (detail)