THURSDAY 25 JUNE 2020 – 8.45pm

ARCO / Matt Davis / Jordan Edge / Kenosist

IKLECTIK [off-site] presents,

ARCO / Matt Davis / Jordan Edge / Kenosist

Thursday 25 June – 8.45pm
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ARCO (Neil Luck, Tom Jackson, Chihiro Ono, Sam Rice, Benedict Taylor)
Listening to the same live radio broadcast, a signal coming from the most remote station they could find, a Norwegian artic outpost station, the 5 members of ARCO react improvising with sound, video and vocals.

A performance of electromagnetic signals harvested from custom built cracked electrical devices which were mainly originally designed as light sources, as well as field recordings of electromagnetic phenomena. Exploring them as interference and sympathetic relationships, and for their potential as inadvertent musical elements.

Following releases on Always Human Tapes, Panatype and AVA during 2018 and Opal Tapes in 2019 / 2020 , Jordan Edge has broken out as an exhilarating live performer and composer with a background in sound art. His work combines recordings of refined sound installation pieces with glossolalia, chaotic noise and hyper-active, manic beat making.
Sounds detach themselves from reality through abuse of audio, crushing any notion of tempo and key. A peer into audio phenomena such as the complex sonic worlds within organic materials or the interaction of spaces when two huge fans phase against each other and an audience. Savage, surreal and disorientating music.

Over the past few months I have been exploring resonances of new found spaces through voice and object. I go on sound walks and listen as I wander to find places of acoustic beauty. I then source found materials and use my acoustic body to find the resonance of the space. I improvise and explore with no idea of the outcome, an acoustic exploration of sound & space.
For this performance I have recorded 20 minutes of myself performing with ‘Portals and Reveals’ Ceremonial Entrance by Architect Geoffrey Clarke, a gateway and architectural structure in Newcastle. The ceiling contains a circular concrete acoustic mirror above, and the reverb resembles a large Church space.

is the dancefloor-adjacent guise of North-East sonic dissident Mark Wardlaw. Distending miscellaneous rave forms through a raw DIY/noise prism and rough-hewn modular / semimodular / virtual modular workflow, acrid streams of pulp-metamodernist rhythmic psychedelia may be discerned through the fug of war.

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