50Hz is an installation and a performance created by the creative group save.co.lab in 2017 with the support of Cyland media lab. The idea is very simple and is executed beautifully: in a powerful electromagnetic field the performers manipulate different objects that respond with sounds and resonate with the utility frequency of 50Hz. Metal canisters, drawers, sheets, pipes – the range of tools is wide. Amongst them there are objects that don’t interact with the field, e.g. pieces of glass tangled in wire.

Same as this glass, the human body doesn’t resonate with this frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum, and the performers armed with their tools like with sensors probe the invisible field in front of them producing shivers, tinkling and buzzing.

A big iron container is also used in the installation. In the absence of the performers the ripples on the water of this miniature swimming pool are the only proof of the presence of the field.

The recording was made in the natural reverberation of the Big Youth Hall of the Stieglitz Academy during the CyberFest–10 in 2017.

Performers: Anastasia Tolchneva, Nazar Rakhmanov
Engineer: Eduard Rakhmanov
Special thanks to Katya Bochavar


released March 6, 2020