Christian Duka

Christian Duka is a sound artist/designer, academic, curator and researcher working primarily in immersive settings, focusing on audience involvement and participation. In his bachelor years he explored the relationship between dreams, music and emotion in the context of mental health; since then, creating “waking dreams”, dreamlike experiences in waking life, has been the cornerstone of his artistic practice.

Following his residency at MONOM 4D Sound in Berlin in 2018, Christian continued his work in immersive audio systems at Aures London in Waterloo, where he developed the immersive interdisciplinary performance “UR: Human Presence” and curated “Amoenus”, a series of immersive events featuring local artists and organisations. The series explored different artistic uses of 3D sound to heighten the feeling of immersion of audience/participants.


Christian is currently undergoing research on sonic embodiment, and participatory sound/movement interaction in immersive arts via collaborative projects, residency programs and a written publication. He is also lecturing the Audio Production Bachelor of Arts program and the Sound Design short course at the School of Audio Engineering in London. 


Outside of his immersive practice, Christian worked on various collaborations. With Marco Maldarella he created “Holistic”, a series of audiovisual improvisations exploring themes relevant to the human condition of today and MARMO, a live electronic music project with whom he performed internationally and released several albums. He is in the process of releasing his first double LP as Vādin with Avsluta (Lucie Stepankova). 

He also produces and performs experimental/dance music independently. His most recent piece, “Aural Cinema” has been performed at Central St Martins in occasion of Art In Flux’s and London Laser’s event “Levitations”. 





Aural Cinema

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UR: Human Presence – Trailer

Holistic 3.0, Integral Version