THURSDAY 4 June 2020

Dushume / Odie ji Ghast

Dushume – Lockdown Noise
Undisturbed, mangled and discarded recordings from the archives will be unearthed to coalesce with thumping and erratic grooves of the Radical Nails sound(-making object. Sounds will cook through extreme live performance, and by improvising with the studio recordings/turntables through ad-hoc extended DJ techniques. Extensive re-editing approaches of sounds from a range of differing spectrums are intertwined and mashed-up, expect a buffet of experimental harsh sounds, pulses, noise, drones, clicks, rhythms and bass. Fundamentally, anticipating the result in form of a mixtape to reference and playback on demand at a later date.

Odie ji Ghast
”A distribution of a person in different rooms, starlight in her pyjamas (forever attire, because now you’re retired). I sat next to my words; visited whatevers I felt good resanging or just sang melodies in my heart so I can now mutter ‘I am art’. Not even an artist. I always push my face into the closet then rush straight back probing ‘who are you?’ and ‘are you even there?’ But I must be. Because everyone’s so friendly to me, including my daughter. We sit with each other and watch our life happening in entirely different speed now, with animation. Every week is different from the other, with different goals and newly acquired understanding. But continuous discomfort of pain is the same throughout the passage of time. So we cling onto that pain and onto that animation and we vocalise our thoughts. Ba ba ba and da da da… da-irectionless we aren’t but, distanced, now truly living in this momentary image.”