IKLECTIK [off-site] presents,

Elementary Parallelism (film premiere)
The new film work by Rebecca Salvadori and Jon Gillie

Tuesday 24 November | 8.30pm (GMT)

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We are pleased to announce the release of the new film work born from the collaboration between Rebecca Salvadori and Jonathan Gillie during IKLECTIK’s [IN:SIGHT] online residency: Elementary Parallelism.

The film originates from a reflection on Marcel Duchamp’s ‘elementary parallelism’ and consists of a back-and-forth exchange between the two artists based on video material reflecting their opposite yet similar image-making process. While Salvadori’s assemblage-based approach departs from existing fragments of audio to video footage that are subsequently arranged together in a continuous chain of casualties through elements of chance and free association, Gillie’s entropic attitude relies on the construction and subsequent dismantlement of geometric spaces or structures.


Rebecca Salvadori is a Italo-Australian artist based in London.
She has a long experience of filming environments with a focus on non- hierarchical/chronological layering and sequencing of audio to footage. Her works act as constellations of highly personal and wilfully elusive heterogeneous elements: multifaceted portraits of moments, people and environments that can be approached from different angles as they move in between personal and transpersonal
scales. When working with animation, Rebecca constantly combines sound and image in a continuous chain of casualties through elements of chance and free association, rejecting chronological layering and sequencing, always looking for the unexpected as a way to escape from software automation and predetermination of mechanical reproduction.

Salvadori has exhibited her audio/visual work at venues and festivals such as South London Gallery (UK), НИИ niimoscow Science & Art (RUS), Macro Museum of Contemporary Art (IT), Barbican Art Center (UK), Festival of Film and Animation Olomouc (CZ), Festival IMAGES(CH), Crosstalk video art Festival (HU), David Lynch’s Silencio (FR), SCHNUCK Glaspalais (NL), Sophiensaele Theatre (DE),
Future Everything Festival Manchester (UK), III Point Festival Miami (US), No Bounds Festival x Warp Records(UK), Camden Arts Centre
on Cork Street (UK), Cafe Oto (UK), Freud Museum (UK).


Jon Gillie
Jonathan Gillie is an artist and technician working in Moving Image and Sound. His current practice combines analogue mark-making techniques with digital editing and compositing. The resulting animations often take the form of geometric spaces and figurative structures that are constructed and deconstructed over time, producing a constantly evolving combination of colour, pattern and form.
Jons work has been screened in galleries around the world and in 2018 he received awards from LIAF and Punto y Raya festivals.


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