IKLECTIK [off-site] presents,

Experimental Arizona

Wednesday 31 March | 8.30pm (BST)

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Experimental Arizona is a film exploring the state’s current experimental art scene, with contributions from over 20 unique artists, featuring sound art, video art and interdisciplinary installations.  It is a document of a time and a place and showcases the variety of interesting work currently being produced around the ‘Grand Canyon State’.


The event is curated by Jimmy Peggie and co-produced by IKLECTIK.


Contributing Artist Biographies


pincushioned is a live interactive performance duo from Phoenix featuring Barry Moon (BAZ) and Doug Nottingham (DUG).  Since 2007 they have been seeking to reexamine performance by combining emerging and anachronistic technologies to create improvised performances of non-linear sound and visuals.  The duo has appeared locally, nationally and internationally in festival, gallery and concert settings. They recently released the album Fragile, and have been focusing on site-specific expressions and trans-media arts collaborations (dubbed pincushioned+) with like-minded artists. http://www.pincushioned.net

Ryan Wade Ruehlen

Ryan Wade Ruehlen melts feral actions and archives into blobs of light using an array of objects and recording processes. Ruehlen practices a life exploded by anarchism and deep listening.


Josh Kasselman &  Seth Kasselman

Josh and Seth Kasselman are brothers living in Phoenix, Arizona. The two of them have worked on music endeavors for years and, more recently, have collaborated on Josh’s film works with Seth providing musical accompaniment. The two have a passion for documenting ghost towns and other “off the beaten path” desert cities.  


Butoh Sonics

The concept of blending post-Butoh body movement with ritual art noise was relatively new to the Phoenix, Arizona art scene when Butoh Sonics first started in 2015.  Butoh ritualist Eric Hodgins and pioneer sound artist Vic VOID initiated the collaboration. Fellow sound sculptors Steve Guardino and Parker Weston joined them a year later.  The group employs repurposed common artifacts and electronic music to create an entrancing theatre experience.  


Windy Boijen

Windy Boijen is a musical performer using traditional instruments to make experimental improvised sound pieces.  Blending percussion, voice, and stringed instruments together in new ways with various preparations and extended techniques, Windy (aka Richard Bogen) creates waves of energy that disperse into space in spirals.  


Gabriella Isaac

Gabriella Isaac is an electronic musician from Tempe, Arizona. She lives with her cat and enjoys playing piano, drinking Diet Coke, eating bagels, surfing the web, and making weird sounds on her computer. Sometimes she’s online at: http://gabbyisaac.com/

Steev Hise

Steev Hise is a human being, video artist, musician, software developer, coffee roaster, and parent, among other things that contribute to his identity.  He lives in Tucson, Arizona with his partner, daughter, 2 dogs, 8 chickens, and one bunny rabbit named “Rockstar”.  


Jacob Adler

Jacob Adler is a composer, teacher, and performer in Phoenix, Arizona.   http://jacobadler.blogspot.com/

Bryn Corbett

Description of artist – nostalgist, dilettante – interested in the long now but willing to explore the short now.  


Jeph Jerman

Jerman’s formative years were spent in various anonymous bar bands while simultaneously developing his own primitive music. he swam with the ’80’s cassette purveyors and formed the bands City Of Worms, Big Joey and Blowhole. these days he wanders the desert looking for sonic opportunity.  http://ribexibalba.com/jj/ 

James Fella

James Fella is an artist and musician from Phoenix, AZ, primarily working in the realms of eleco-acoustic and (tape) collage. He also is the primary member of the band, Soft Shoulder. While performing and releasing records, CDs, cassettes, lathe cut items and xerox prints and booklets for over 20 years, he has also operated the record label and mail-order, Gilgongo Records, since 2004.   http://www.jamesfella.com/

Owen Davis

Owen Davis is a composer, percussionist, improviser, noise artist, educator, and curator based in Flagstaff, AZ. Owen’s music has been heard in new music venues across the United States and Europe including Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, and Berlin.  


Kristen Miologos

Kristen Miologos is a Phoenix-based artist who seeks out the emotional liminal space of her hyphenated Greek-American identity through the production of objects, performance, and sound. She holds an MFA in Fiber from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BFA in Fibers from Arizona State University. Kristen has performed durational sound pieces nationally including Phoenix Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson, and Angels Gate Cultural Center in Los Angeles. 


Jimmy Peggie

Introspective explorations that lend to a textural and abstracted approach to sound composition incorporating micro location recordings, decaying electronic fragments and radiophonic atmospheres. Inspiration coming from an appreciation that all things are impermanent, imperfect and incomplete. 


Lauren Sarah Hayes

Lauren Sarah Hayes is a Scottish improviser and sound artist. Her music is a mix of experimental pop/live electronics/techno/noise/free improvisation and has been described as ‘voracious’ and ‘exhilarating’. She is a sculptress of sound, manipulating, remixing, and bending voice, drum machines, analogue synths and self-built software, live and physically. @elleesaich 


Kendra Sollars

Kendra Sollars is a multidisciplinary artist native to Arizona whose practice combines video projection, performance, and large-scale installation. With an extensive background as a competitive Artistic Swimmer, Sollars choreographs digital video projections, often using her own physical form filmed underwater, to investigate the interconnected world. The relationships between humans, nonhuman animals, plant species, and the natural landscape are brought to the fore in her ecologically-informed works.  


Keith Kelly

Joseph Berg music photography.

Keith Kelly is an improviser, composer, and educator who plays saxophone, flute, and clarinet in a variety jazz and experimental groups.  Originally from the SF Bay Area, he and his (musical, ridiculous) family enjoying noisemaking, swimming, and pancakes.  His recordings can be found on Edgetone Records, Castor & Pollux, and his own label – EX(P)HX.   


Jordan Tompkins

Jordan Tompkins is a multi-instrumentalist (drums, guitar, piano, bass, vocals, banjo, kazoo, u-plex, loopers) and visual artist.  His bands include Twin Ponies and O.O. – in addition to being an in-demand new music collaborator.  


Christine Cassano

Christine Cassano is an intermedia artist living and working in Arizona and exhibits regionally, nationally and internationally. Her work explores connection, accumulation and convergence as metaphor within our new, hyper-connected era. She gains this inspiration and understanding by investigating recursive interconnections within our biological, ecological, technological and cosmological systems. http://www.christinecassano.com

Shomit Barua

Shomit Barua is a Bengali-American intermedia artist specializing in ecoacoustics, interaction design, and emergent narratives. His work is rooted in poetry and architecture, and reflects the shared tenets of contained space, economy of materials, and movement that is both physical and emotional.


Chris Piraino

Chris Piraino is a sound artist and theater sound designer currently based in Tempe, Arizona.  Chris blends antique, hand-restored and hand-built sound devices with computer based control algorithms, spatial sound and generative techniques.  


A musician and mixed media artist, Vic is a long standing participant in the Phoenix arts community, performing and exhibiting throughout Arizona as well as in S. California.  Art pieces made of found objects are transformed into sound sculptures as guitars are artfully deconstructed.  In the pursuit of experimental video, Vic seeks to bridge the gap between proton and photon. https://vicvoid.bandcamp.com


Cover photo by Bryn Corbett