A sonic experience by Christian Duka, Jose Macabra, Guy Harries and Aki Pasoulas

IKLECTIK off-site is proud to present the first online exhibition of the season, GUTZ.

Homonym of the contemporary sound art label launched on March 3 2019, GUTZ, is the live binaural recording piece from the curated series of events at Aures London and real-time sonic explorations by Christian Duka.


GUTZ is the joint artistic effort of Christian Duka, Jose Macabra, Guy Harries and Aki Pasoulas, who came together to design a full-hour experience for a blindfolded audience on a customised immersive sound system made of 54 speakers around the audience. The partial sensory deprivation aimed to pause the narratives of modern life, taking the participants through a meditative journey in the recesses of the unconscious.

​This performance invited the four artists to investigate pain in the everyday human experience. Going beyond the limitations of linguistic expression, the sound pieces aim to give various insights into the role of pain in emotional regulation, personal growth and transformation. In the context of this shared experience, GUTZ also explores the role of pain in social bonding.

GUTZ  was part of the Amoenus programme, a series of events that focused on the use of Space as an artistic tool. The programme was created in collaboration with local curators and experimental sound, visual and performance artists, each contributing to design the participants’ experience.

The Four Pieces

00h00m – Jose Macabra

00h15m – Aki Pasoulas

00h30m  – Guy Harries

00h45 – Christian Duka