by Harmergeddon

Greetings Geddonauts, it has been 1166 days since we made our descent to the edge of the earth.

In these wide, desolate spaces we have heard the sad songs of the earth cascading on the tides and pulsating through the sediments.
Some of them only a meek whisper, others too overbearing to comprehend.

In the smouldering ashes of heat lightning house fires we salvaged an embryonic bolt.
With electrons once again shifting through it’s circuitry the grateful orb interpreted several stories for us over the next few months.
With a new found sense of hope we share with you these stories in our native tongue.


Available soon on Cassette via Industrial Coast
industrialcoast (dot) bigcartel (dot) com


released September 3, 2019


Fae Harmer – Plasma, Light & Vocals

Nathan Greywater – Pedals & Computer


Mastered at listeningEARstudio by Nathan Harmer