by The Pathfinders

Cassette only – limited edition of 127 copies
Buy on Bandcamp – shipping 3 April 2020

A1: The Dancing Years
A2: Police Surgeon II
A3: Long Shadows
A4: The Listening Trees
A5: One Of Jupiter’s Moons
A6: Radio Silence
B1: Beheading Of…
B2: Something Abstract
B3: One Step Ahead
B4: Classic
B5: Bigger Noise
B6: Police Surgeon
B7: Horse’s Mouth
B8: Other Clothes
B9: Iron Man Rusts

Digital resurrection by Stanley Gravett at Holy Mountain Studios. Mastered by Simon Scott at SPS Mastering. Cover by Jane Plüer. The Pathfinders logotype by Malcolm Garrett (after DRU).

Recorded by The Pathfinders – Roger Cleghorn and Malcolm Garrett – “Imagine Something Yesterday” is a compendium of playful explorations with analogue synthesisers and distorted found sounds, made without an actual release in mind.