by Lucia H Chung

“As I flew above the earth with a flock of migrating birds, I swore I heard things that simply must have been the pure sounds of entropy, fission, infinity, hell, silence. They came alternately in updrafts of dense mixes that buoyed our flight. If this is what the surface of the earth sounds like, what might its “music” be deep inside, at the source?” – Alvin Curran, programme notes for Inner Cities, 1994.

Fresh from recently playing London’s Cafe Oto, Arell is proud to present “Inner Geography” a sculpted 25 minute journey into evolving static terrain from SM-LL’s en creux.

Arell continue to explore new textures on #013, Inner Geography is angular, brutal and intense from start to finish. The devil is in the detail here, from heavy bass-weight pressure to silence and back in seconds this EP deserves to be played LOUD.

All track(s) made by Lucia H Chung with no-input mixer feedback. Mastered by Martin J Thompson at SM-LL.