Tracy Lisk + Andrea Pensado / James L Malone / Yoni SIlver – live broadcast


Tracy Lisk (drums) + Andrea Pasendo (electronics + vocals) video by Tracy Lisk
James L Malone (synth + analogue/digital feedback systems)
Yoni Silver (bass clarinet + violin)

Tracy Lisk and Andrea Pasendo Duo
It is a live improvising session, with visuals by Tracy and with the 2 musicians performing at the same time in two different locations: Philadelphia and Salem, Massachusetts.

James L Malone
This performance will be a live investigation of synthesised, interconnected, hybrid analogue/digital feedback systems.

Yoni Silver
Yoni will play two short sets from his front room, on bass clarinet, violin, and possibly other instruments. To add to the various constraints of streaming a performance from home, Yoni will also be under the constraint of playing in a such manner that will avoid waking up his children.