Llull Machines

Llull Machines is an art group, consisting of painter Danil Gertman and musician Grundik Kasyansky. We create live performances and installations with projections of live animated digital drawings (using Tagtool) and live electronic music (using custom built analog setup Feedback Synthesizer). All performances are improvised with elements directly or indirectly responding to each other. The result is the audio-visual stream of ideas, thoughts, snippets of memories, recollections of dreams, familiar and unfamiliar shapes, colours, sounds.


Llull Machines Broadcasts: The Chronicles of the Weird Days

On March 2020 we found ourselves quarantined. Danil is stuck in his home in New York, and Grundik is in his home in London. Thanks to the current state of technology we can continue our work together by means of video calls over the internet. These online sessions developed into broadcasts – transmissions of live performances – for which we mix the live feed from Danil’s iPad and the audio output from Grundik’s feedback synthesizer and radio with the synchronised juxtaposition of the split screens from the Skype video call.

Each Llull Machines session is consciously unplanned, improvised. It directly reflects our current state of mind, ideas, feelings, fears, snippets of memories, recollections of dreams. Thus, these broadcasts turn into a kind of surrealist diary, the chronicles of the unconscious during the weird days of the Covid 19 pandemic.