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Lou Barnell

Lou Barnell is a London-born movement and sound artist.
An explosion of material, sensory and sonic experimentation, intense visuals and visceral movement.
As a neurodivergent female artist, Lou is inspired by dissonance and control. She creates scores as physical traces to explore her body as a disorientated instrument and a navigational tool.
Lou uses ‘Live Dreaming’ to examine symbiotic parallels of dreaming and performing by merging bodies with movement, sound, and live sculptures. She uses alchemical re-useable materials such as ice, thermoplastic, and wearable sensors to fracture and formulate porous in-between spaces and imagine futures.
In this way, dreaming offers solutions for humanity in the face of self-destruction. Lou is currently undertaking a period of research and development funded by Arts Council England to interrogate the potential of dream states, embodied listening, and materials.

Lou’s work sounds and looks like her lurid memories of growing up in Hastings and London, complete with rafts of £3 an hour jobs frying eggs, donuts, peeling spuds, stealing candy-floss and running away from muggers. Nature and dreams are seeping through the cracks of all that is man-made. Everything tends towards madness, after going on a beautiful walk.

Lou is a member of Breathing Space, a five piece sound art collective. The group explores spatial acoustics such as disused docklands and floating platforms as well as trees and nature as performance spaces.
She is one half of Indus Traps ( a spectral dub/ post garage collaboration with Dirty Freud ).