THURSDAY 7 May 2020

Muslab 2020 – video screening session and live performances


Video screening:
‘HE Love YOU … niverse_Kay HE’ by Yuanyuan,
‘Resonancia Liminal Guatemalteca’ by Otto Castro

Dave Webb


Yuanyuan (Kay)
HE Love YOU … niverse_Kay HE, 05:28, Video, Estéreo
The piece, Love YOU … niverse written for UT Austin CAET Launch attempts to describe a hidden love story from one of my dreams. “I see my entire body as a brilliant and luminous object, which is radiating with love and gratitude. The energy of this love is filling all cells of my physical body, and lighting up every corner of my mind. I feel the undeniably strong connection towards to you, and then, this shinning connection destroyed my world. My world collapses with yours. Born into the nova in the Love You … niverse. ” In the piece, atmosphere ambient music combines with astronomic video to reveal the love universe, which is sentimental, unreal, and full of adventures, creativities and conflicts.

Otto Castro
Resonancia Liminal Guatemalteca 2018, 07:36, Video, Estéreo,
Thanks to the Central American artistic residence supported by the Cultural Center of Spain in Guatemala, this work is born. A work based on a study of the urban soundscape of Guatemala City incorporating a poem by the writer Javier Payeras: “In the streets of Guatemala.” The central park of zone 1 was the collection point for sounds which are developed in the work through electronic gestures closer to an imaginary soundscape.

Dave Webb
Dave Webb created his project in the year 2017 in London as a platform for sonic experiments with different improvised means all around us. The discography of Wave Debb consists of different recordings from live studio jam sessions and counts more than 30 releases. The music of Dave is a long time ago forgotten combination of musique concrète, improv industrial and percussions on different things around including bottles, toggles, office supplies and other electronic and non-electronic devices.
For this session, sounds recorded in Iklectik were used together with some resonant frequencies of the room.

on&off is a collaborative performance project between artists Nikolai Kozin and Martin Lau. Nikolai creates live animated drawings (using Tagtool software) accompanied by noise/soundscapes produced by Martin (electronics and flute), with each element being improvised in response to the other.

Thumbnail Credit: on&off