IKLECTIK presents,


Saturday 3 July 2021 | From 7pm (6.30pm doors)
£10 early birds

Tickets: https://buytickets.at/iklectik/534416

A night of live performances mixing musique concrète, free percussive explorations and improvised music.

From late afternoon, the venue will also host a listening session presenting a selection of radio works by Goldsmiths MA Radio students and field recording compositions by artists close to Sagome.



Maurizio Ravalico

Maurizio Ravalico (Collocutor, Fiium Shaarrk, Zac Gvi, Phaedra Ensemble, Oren Marshall, Jamiroquai, JTQ) is a London/Berlin based percussionist with a eclectic career spanning over 30 years, during the course of which he has maintained a lively and constantly cross-pollinating interest in musical expressions as diverse as funk, rock, 20th century composition, Latin American music, free-form improvisation, contemporary jazz and the so-called “experimental music” of post-war and beyond.
In 2018 Maurizio has released his first solo percussion album, ‘Nobody’s Husband, Nobody’s Dad’, in his own words “the most eloquent synthesis to date of my lifelong love affair with percussion music”.

Entirely acoustic, with no playback devices, loops or electronic manipulations, Maurizio’s solo performance is a visionary narrative of other-worldly sounds, often generated by unexpected combinations of conventional instruments and found objects, both played using a mix of orthodox and extended techniques, and often on top of a big drum, which augments dramatically their timbric and tonal range. Another character of Maurizio’s solo compositions lays in its persistent denial of metric recurrence, making for a performance which recalls the aesthetics of both contemporary and improvised music, despite it being neither strictly composed nor at all improvised.


Album introduction: https://youtu.be/bthByULAT6Y

“It Used to Be Buzzing with Insects Here” – a song for the end of things: https://youtu.be/tHqzp5IA9Pk

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Malvern Brume is the moniker of London based sound artist and musician Rory Salter. Following two cassette releases and appearances on compilations for both Infant Tree and Low Company in 2019, Salter released “Gaps in the Persistent Hiss” a 20 minute piece for Cafe OTO’s TakuRoku label, closely tailed by his debut album “Tendrils” on Alter in 2020. He collaborated with Sagome on their ‘Window A/Window B’ double tape and has most recently released music with Warm Winter Ltd. and Left Alone.

Malvern Brume’s music is made up of a considered bric-à-brac of field recordings, playful improvised synthesis, voice recordings and everyday object clatter; forming a dense foggy sound often made in response to specific rural locations and the intersection of traffic and noise.
Salter also co-runs the label Infant Tree with artist and musician Ben Victor Waggett.



Sagome is a London based experimental music collective and label promoting DIY gigs and sound projects across the borders.



  • We strongly recommend to buy the ticket online.
    • There will be hand sanitizers available at the venue.
    • On arrival, we’ll be checking guest temperatures with a contact free thermometer. Anyone with temperature above 38 degrees or COVID-19 symptoms will not be permitted into the venue.
    • Face masks must be worn at all times inside of the venue; please notify us if you are exempt from wearing it.
    • If social distancing will not be lifted after the 21st of June, this event will still go ahead but with stricter health and safety measures.