The Raft Breaks (2019)
for solo violin, objects, performative electronics, tape and video


Composed by Sam Salem
Performed by Linda Jankowska

Recorded at the Royal Northern College of Music on the 20th February 2020

Videography by Barney Cunningham & Dave Dickson
Audio recording by Django Pither
Mixing / Editing by Sam Salem


“hast’ou swum in a sea of air strip
through an aeon of nothingness,
when the raft broke and the waters went over me”
Ezra Pound / Cantos LXXX

In 2017, I travelled to Poznan with Linda Jankowska in order to gather materials for The Raft Breaks.

After Iain Sinclair, we participated in our own act of “ambulatory divination”, with Linda’s life forming the basis of our map, our trajectories arcing through her memory.

We recorded actions and ambiences.

The final work is situated in its own territory. It is private, psychogeographic and mythological.

A violin emerges from a plastic foot-pump.
A forest creaks.
A dialog between the living and dead envelops us. But, apologetically, the bubble bursts.
A storm erases: we are surprised by its beauty even in the midst of overwhelming violence.