Wednesday 1 + Thursday 2 July 2020

Women in Experimental – 2 Day Festival

IKLECTIK [off-site] and Musica Dispersa present,

Women in Experimental – 2 Day Festival
A 2 day international music festival exploring noise, industrial, sound art

This event is part of IKLECTIK 6th anniversary celebration.

Musica Dispersa is an experimental platform founded in London in 2012 which includes different projects such as live music events, radio, record label focusing on experimental and electronic music.
In 2019 started the project Musica Dispersa, Women in Experimental.

Musica Dispersa and IKLECTIK have been collaborating since 2015 and we present together for the first time the online ‘Women in Experimental’ festival .

Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 July | 8pm – 12.00am (UK time)

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Day 1 (Wednesday 1 July – UK time)

8pm Bell Lungs_Glasgow
8.30pm Voices_Italy
9pm Kamala + Maria Jurado_Madrid
9.30pm Amas_Barcelona
10.15pm Beatrix Weapons_Murcia
10.45pm Jido_Argentina
11.15pm Franziska Lantz_Switzerland

Day 2 (Thursday 2 July – UK time)

8pm Artu_Italy/Netherlands
8.30pm b.i.d.s_India
9pm Burning Woman_Kiyv
9.30pm Anakhemia_India
10pm Eden Grey_Miami
10.30pm Marlo Eggplant_L.A
11.15pm Seren.a_Germany

Amas are brave women who plunge into the dark depths of consciousness to bring us pearls of wisdom.
An experimental post-industrial duo, formed by Ivana Ray Singh and Maria Gatasanta, key figures of the Barcelonese underground scene and the founders of labels such as A Love Supreme, Màgia Roja and Shaddock among others.
His music is channeled by rhythm, sometimes minimal and lysergic, other crushing and hypnotic, guided by a voice that invokes and banishes at will.

Is the persona name of Afra Khan, deeply inspired by quantum/metaphysics, wireless technology, sound manipulation and minimal art, her music can be expected to flow through a variety of sonic textures that are raw,evocative, cinematic and avant garde under the banner of electronic mind-body music.

The duo Artu consists of two singers/composers who are under the influence of contemporary music, noise and free improvisation.
Carla Genchi – is a singer and composer who studied in Italy, Germany, France and Netherlands. Distinguished in several musical concourses in Italy both as solo and as chamber musician, she performs as classical singer and as a contemporary singer and improviser.
Chiara Liuzzi – Musician, performer and researcher, she teaches as well the use of voice as the expression of personality.

Beatrix Weapons is an individual project with a glimpse into the age and consumption of the internet.
Immersed in the new sounds born in Soundcloud, Beatrix produces everything from the most raver to electronics through dark street beats.
Ableton, raw letters and virtual power are his weapons.
As DJ she doesn’t play less than 180 BPM

Dreamy-voiced misty melodies from a collector of instruments and weaver of songsA compelling live performer who appears to be permanently on-tour, the music of multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer Bell Lungs encompasses influences from free improvisation, psychedelia, jazz, noise, drone, ambient and folk to create a nuanced sound world that draws on natural cycles, environmental disaster and the microcosmic aspects of relationships.

b.i.d.s aka Bidisha is an experimental artist based in India and works with analogue electronic music. She plays and performs with self made electronic instruments and circuits. This time she will be presenting an experimental imaginary soundscape as a set.

Being born and raised in an industrial region of Ukraine, Burning Woman was exposed to the gloomy atmosphere of large-scale manufacturing plants and noisy environment of ever-growing construction sites since early childhood. At some point, she learned to love the decadent sight, and especially the sound of her hometown, developing a taste for avant-garde music, experimental electronics, noise, dark ambient, drone, and techno. Today, as a Kyiv-based DJ and musician, Burning Woman draws inspiration from various sources and constantly develops her own sound.

Electronic musician and pianist Chelsea Bruno has been composing and releasing music under the artist alias Eden Grey for several years. She is a composer with many influences, thus her music is a mixture of multiple electronic genres. She also established the CV FREQS modular meet / concert events in London, which she now continues as an informal podcast and continue to grow the CV FREQS.
Well know as a great artist in the world of modular systems.

artist and musician Franziska Lantz makes analog, experimental techno loaded with heavy distortion, raw emotion, thundering beats, stormy baselines, contorted singing and trippy atmospheres, turn up the volume, embrace the storm!
She runs Global Warming Records, her latest release, forming tropical cyclone, is a heavy double album of deep raver techno.
Since 2008 she has been producing DriftShift, a weekly radio show on Londons ResonanceFM, from where she is regularly broadcasting her electronic music experiments into space.

Techno-Experimental solo-project by Jimena Dominguez from Rosario (Arg)
HARDware techno / rectangular waves/ noise / experimental

Kamala (Madrid) Performer,composer,DJ and visual artist Kamala operate in the new deep underground scene of Madrid.
Her sets are a journey into deep electronic sounds together with visuals. For this time she collaborates with Spanish dancer Maria Jurado: two androids are in a sound loop where they share the same consciousness, but different bodies.

Based in Dusseldorf she is well know as electronic/experimental DJ and also for live sets and to be part in events around the experimental scene.

Born in Baltimore, MD, USA, Marlo De Lara is a sound performance artist currently pursuing a PhD in Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds. Under the Marlo Eggplant alias, De Lara produces textural compositions which develop from microscopic tone landscapes into dense and expansive states of noise and drone. Her works aim to blur the definitions of (un)intentional sound and music. The many noises and tones of De Lara’s live performances are sourced from autoharps, contact mics, vocals and loops, amongst other tools.

Chiara Liuzzi – Musician, performer and researcher, she teaches as well the use of voice as the expression of personality.